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Having car insurance is a must in Minnesota. As a good citizen, you need to know the law and the regulation of car insurance in the state of Minnesota. You need to have bodily injury liability coverage in the minimum of $30,000 per injured person. Under the Minnesota law, you also have to carry in the minimum $10,000 of property damage coverage.

If you want to get detail information of car insurance in Minnesota, you can call the local car insurance agents in your area or just go browsing the internet. For the new drivers, it may take some time to figure it out. The best way to get car insurance quotes MN is by surfing on the internet, it is considered as the quickest way yet effective to give you a basic knowledge of car insurance and its law in Minnesota.

Make sure that you prepare some basic information about your car and yourself before you check it online. The more you fill detail information in the online application form, the more accurate car insurance quotes MN you get. Remember to visit the official car insurance website only and not the website from the third party. It will cost more for you.


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